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Eur. Ch. Magic Pearl of Silver Moon Bengals (aka Magic) - Grand Champion (TICA)

Rowan Jungle Rose (aka Roosje)

Nightflower of Silver Moon Bengals (aka Nikki)


Eur. Ch. Katchiri of Silver Moon Bengals (aka Katchiri)

en Eur. Premior Kampioen

Katchiri neemt wel nog steeds deel aan shows.

Int. Ch. Izzy of Silver Moon Bengals (aka Izzy)

Izzy of Silver Moon Bengals

W. Ch. Pearle of Beautiful Wild (aka Khy'Ra)

In memoriam

Eur. Ch. Phung'Kee Van Ledeberg

03/03/2009 - 03/05/2019

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No one can have more than they do,

I wanted life, I wanted you.

This is the way you should remain,

never feeling any pain,

neverg growing old.

Sleep little one your night is here.


Nightqueen of Silver Moon Bengals (aka Queeny)



Eur. Ch. Du Bout De Bonheur Honey Moon

(aka Moontje)



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